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Zwei: The Arges Adventure Gets a PC Launch Date

As we previously mentioned, XSEED Games is working on Zwei: The Arges Adventure. More recently, the company announced a release date for the upcoming localization of Nihon Falcom’s classic action RPG. This enhanced version of the game will launch on January 24, 2018. Along with this news, XSEED has a new trailer to show off.

This latest video offers a good look at the gameplay. The game allows players to switch between protagonists to take advantage of their strengths. While Pipiro can attack at a distance with her spells, Pokkle focuses more on melee combat. In addition to combat, it seems the duo will have some puzzles to solve as well. Players can also pick a pet and either let it join the adventurers or send it off on journeys of its own. The footage also shows off some mini-games. While these acted as their own programs in the original release, XSEED has reworked them into the game itself. For more on the upgrades to the game and the localization process, you can check out the XSEED blog. Currently, they have 3 entries up: 1, 2, and 3.

XSEED also discussed the new bromides recently. While the game originally had bromides that players could collect, they only had basic descriptions. For the upcoming release, XSEED managed to get special images to accompany the items. Speaking of new images, the company also shared someĀ achievement icons for the game. XSEED often puts a lot of effort into making their PC releases as great as they can be, and it looks like this release will truly be the definitive version of this classic title.

When Zwei: The Arges Adventure launches on January 24th, it will be available on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

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