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Zero Time Dilemma’s PS4 Port Has Release Dates

Last year, Zero Time Dilemma launched on Vita and 3DS and received a PC port a few days later. Now the PS4 port has release dates for Japan and North America. The game will be available in Japan on August 17, 2017. The North American version will then follow with a release on the 18th.

Zero Time Dilemma is the third and final entry in the Zero Escape series. It bridges the gap between the two previous titles, which received a PS4 release earlier this year as The Nonary Games. Just like in the other games, a person going by the alias “Zero” has captured nine individuals and concocted a deadly game for them to play. Among these are two pairs of protagonists from prior entries. Over the course of the “Decision Game,” they will work to prevent disaster while also trying to stay alive and find a way out. In addition to solving a variety of puzzles, players will make decisions that determine who lives and who dies.

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