Zack Snyder Blames The Source Material For Batman v.s Superman’s Poor Reviews


Yeah, I don’t think fans will buy this one Zack. Yesterday, director Zack Snyder fired back at critics by saying that the source material is really to blame for Batman v.s Superman’s flaws. The film currently has an aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes of 30% which is actually considerably lower than 2013’s , the poorly received, Man of Steel.

“I’m a comic book guy and really I made the movie based, as much as I could, on that aesthetic. I don’t know how else to do it. It is what it is,”

Interesting as ideas go, although one could make the argument that the director is likely the cause of all the trouble. When you look at Zack Snyder’s films they have all been movies that valued flashy visuals over actual substance. Batman v.s Superman also shared many similar issues to one of Snyder’s other comicbook hero movies Watchmen. Watchmen was noted by critics for being too long and having a plot that was disjointed and difficult to follow. It also represents Snyder’s second highest rated movie at 65% on RT and 56% on Metacritic.

The basic fact of it is, over the other side of the camp, Marvel seems to be having no problem making movies that regularly get around 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and that are lauded by fans. Source material isn’t a problem there.

If you went to see Batman v.s Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend and were disappointed then let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Also check out this funny video of Ben Affleck reacting to the negative critical reception (which now has over 7 million views).

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