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Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! will be in Jump Force

Jump Force

During this years Xbox E3 press Conference publisher Bandai Namco revealed the brand new fighting gameĀ Jump Force, an Anime arena fighter similar to the Naruto Ninja Storm games. Other Anime mash up games had been attempted before but this time around Bandai Namco was not pulling any punches.

Featuring a high quality art style and all the fan favorite characters, Jump Force featured characters like Naruto, Goku, and Luffy fighting againt the Dragon Ball Z character Frieza. While many anime fans were satisfied with just those characters many fan favorites would show up in later reveals. Franchises such as Bleach, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and more were shown off. Today an old fan favorite is arriving to the arena.

Yu-Gi-Oh! the King of Games

Yugi from the hugely popular Yu-Gi-Oh! anime will be in Jump Force. For those who weren’t into the popular anime from the early 2000’s, Yu-Gi-Oh! follows the young boy Yugi Moto. Yugi finds a magical item called the Millennium Puzzle. With it he gains an alter ego in the form of a spirit of a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Together both Yugi and the Pharaoh embark in a journey to save Yugi’s grandfather from a man who also posses another Millennium item.

The conflict in the anime is usually settled in a card game called Duel Monsters. The cards are hollographically projected which results in some amazing battles. Yugi may very well use these monsters in his Jump Force combat. That or he could use the Millennium Puzzle which gave Yugi the ability to send enemies to the Shadow Realm(basically limbo).

No footage has been revealed of Yugi, the King of Games, but we will update this post to reflect any changes in the near future.

Jump Force will release on Xbox,Play Station, and PC in 2019.


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