Your Games With Gold Titles For May 2018

I don’t know what the weather is like where all of you live but here in California it is a sunny day with a temperature around 80 degrees farenheit. It is a great time to go outside, enjoy the fresh air – and go back inside to play video games. On that note, here are the titles you can expect for the Games with Gold lineup in May.

Xbox One Games

Super Mega Baseball 2

It is so satisfying to hear the crack of the bat when you send that baseball flying into the stratosphere. The fine folks over at Metalhead agree. Super Mega Baseball 2 launches on May 1st and the game will make its debut on Games with Gold. This is the best baseball game on Xbox One and I hope to see all of you on the field.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The grandfather of the stealth action genre is back! Take on the role of Venom Snake as he takes on a quest for revenge in Afghanistan. This one will be available on May 16th.

Xbox 360 games

Streets of Rage Vintage Collection

Sega has packed the entire trilogy of their legendary 16-bit brawler series into this collection. While brawlers can become a bit repetitive, it is also immensely satisfying to pound your opponents’ faces into the pavement. Get this trilogy on May 1st.


It seems that Sega is really favoring Games with Gold this month. On May 16th you can pick up Vanquish, a futuristic third person shooter that is hard as Hell. It has an extremely cool visual style and some neat gameplay moves.

If you want to see some gameplay footage of these titles, check out Major Nelson’s announcement video:

There you have it. Your Games with Gold titles for May. See anything you like? As always, the Xbox 360 titles are playable on your Xbox One thanks to the backwards compatibility feature.

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