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Your PlayStation Plus Titles For May 2018

I would imagine that most of you have been enjoying the exploits of Kratos and Atreus but when you are finished with God of War there will be a new batch of PlayStation Plus titles waiting for you. Here is the list of games you can expect in May.

PS4 Games

Beyond: Two Souls

As you know, Detroit: Become Human will be released soon and what better way to get acquainted with the studio who is developing it than to try out one of their earlier titles? You play as Jodie, a young woman with some strange powers and a link to a non-corporeal entity named Aiden.

Rayman Legends

The legendary (and hilarious) platformer finally makes its way to PlayStation Plus next month. Get some friends in on the 4-player co-op action.

PS3 Games

Risen 3: Titan Lords

PS3 owners will be able to enjoy an Action RPG which puts you in the role of a resurrected hero who must stop an invasion from the Shadows and reclaim his soul.

Eat Them

A forgotten title from 2010, Eat Them is kind of like the old arcade classic, Rampage. You use parts to create sci-fi inspired monsters and set them loose to cause havoc throughout the city.

Vita Games

King Oddball

Developer 10tons Ltd. has a lot of fans here at The Inner Circle for their offbeat games. King Oddball is a physics puzzler which has your character swinging boulders with its tongue. Try to smash as many targets as possible with each boulder toss.


Another physics puzzler (Are we sensing a theme here?) for the Vita. This time you have to herd those adorable little furmins from one side of the level to a basket on the other side.

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Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Writer. Photographer. I leveraged a business degree to play video games. My opinions are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Inner Circle (but they should). DMs on my Twitter are open.

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