Your PlayStation Plus Titles For April 2018

Spring is here! We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and the birds chirping outside. With that said, you might want to take a little break from frolicking in the meadows and play some video games. As usual, Sony is bringing six more video games to PlayStation Plus subscribers in April. Let’s have a look at what’s in store for us.

Mad Max (PS4)
PlayStation Plus starts off with a bang! Mad Max is a great game featuring excellent vehicle combat mechanics. It was sadly underappreciated at the marketplace and deserves some love from more gamers. Enjoy this one!

Trackmania Turbo (PS4)
This is a racing game that you can put lots of hours into. There are over 200 tracks which require you to score the best possible time. When you are done with that, you can use the track editor to design and share your own courses. Be sure to check out the gems created by other players too!

In Space We Brawl (PS3)
A twin-stick shooter with local co-op. Invite some friends over because this game was intended to be a 4-player experience.

Toy Home (PS3)
Another racing game for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month. This one has you racing toy cars all over the house. This game can be a fun little break in between longer titles but don’t expect to sink a lot of time into this one. There are only eight courses and not many features beyond the core racing experience.

99 Vidas (Vita)
Old school gamers will fondly remember arcade experiences like Double Dragon, Golden Axe and Final Fight. 99 Vidas is a 2D brawler that draws inspiration from those classic titles. There are eleven playable characters in all and the game offers both local and online multiplayer for its Campaign, Versus and Survival modes.

Q*Bert Rebooted (Vita, PS4, PS3)
As the title suggests, Q*Bert Rebooted is an update for the classic arcade game. If you have never played Q*Bert before, you play as an odd character with a big nose who wanders around levels consisting of three dimensional squares. You hop from square to square changing its color and avoiding enemies. When all of the squares have been changed to the same color, you move on to the next level. Q*Bert Rebooted offers the same classic game along with an updated version which features hexagon shapes and more challenging gameplay. This is a cross-play title so you can enjoy the game on any of the current PlayStation consoles.

And there you have it. What do you think of your PlayStation Plus titles for April?

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