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Your PlayStation Plus Games For September 2016

Tomorrow brings a new month and perhaps more importantly – a new batch of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. I won’t waste your time with a long introduction because I know you just want to see the list of games. Without further ado…

Journey (PS3 & PS4)

journey ticgn

One of the most critically acclaimed games of 2012 can now be played for free! In Journey you play as a nomad on a quest to reach a mountain in the distance. You will encounter other players on the way but you will not be able to see who they are or even communicate with them except for a tiny chime. Can you and the other players make your way to the top of the mountain?

Lords of the Fallen (PS4)

lords of the fallen ticgn

Perhaps best described as similar to Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen is an Action-RPG that brings a slow, methodical approach to battling ghastly creatures. You have a choice of classes and armor types to tailor the game to your specific tastes.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PS3)

prince persia ticgn

Originally released in 2010, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is set between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. This time, the Prince is on a journey to visit his brother only to discover his kingdom is under attack by Solomon’s Army.

Datura (PS3)

datura ticgn

A little bit artsy, a little bit psychological experience, Datura was designed with the PlayStation Move controller in mind. You may find yourself playing this game more than once as your choices will impact the ending. Don’t have a Move controller? Don’t worry, you can play it with a DualShock 3 controller as well.

Badland (PS4, PS3 & Vita)

badland ticgn

Badland is a puzzle game originally developed for mobile platforms and eventually ported over to home consoles. The game features beautiful background graphics. There aren’t too many levels so this may offer a nice change of pace after beating a difficult game.

Amnesia: Memories (Vita)

amnesia memories ticgn

Amnesia: Memories is the most recent visual novel in the Amnesia series. You play as a young woman who has lost her memories and early on you must choose one of five men for a romantic relationship. Your choice may lead you to recover your memories… or not. Oh, and there is a winged creature that only your character can see. With multiple path choices, mini-games and different endings, Amnesia: Memories offers a fair amount of replay value.

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