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Young Conker Appears In Windows App Store

The crude but lovable squirrel who has already graced Project Spark and Rare Replay could be headed to Windows 10 soon. Users on NeoGAF have uncovered a few apps that were not intended to be viewable by the general public and one of them bears the name of the infamous Conker.


Notice that Young Conker is categorized as a game. The Sunset Orange label refers to the background color (Remember that this page was not intended to be viewed until after it is finished.) There are currently no details as to what type of game Young Conker is; it could be a platformer or even a casual mobile game for all we know.


A page for Fragments has also been discovered as has a page for HoloStudio. You can see that Fragments has been categorized as a game while HoloStudio is listed as an app.


We’ll be sure to bring you more information about Young Conker when it becomes available.

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