You won’t want to miss any post-credit scenes after Spider-Man: Far From Home

Movie-goers have come to expect a stinger or two – those little scenes that play after sitting through a film’s credit sequence – when watching a blockbuster film and rumor has it that Spider-Man: Far From Home won’t disappoint. In fact, the two stingers are said to be very important for both the fans of the web-slinger as well as those who are obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I am not going to spoil these scenes for you here. In fact, I do not know what they are myself. I chose to avoid investigating the matter so I can experience the same level as surprise and delight that all of you will feel.

A lot of people have asked. Yes, there are two Spider-Man: Far From Home end-credits sequences. They are VERY important. First one, without hyperbole, made me RIDICULOUSLY excited for the future of Spider-Man in the MCU. AVOID SPOILERS and EXPERIENCE IT fresh, at all cost. Excelsior! – Sean O’Connell via CinemeBlend

Not to be outdone, Eric Walkuski from JoBlo claims that the stingers will resonate with Spider-Man films in particular. Check out his tweet below:

Spider-Man: Far From Home is said to be well liked from those who were able to attend early screenings. You will be able to watch the movie for yourself on July 2nd.

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