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You Can Use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on the Nintendo Switch (With a Little Bit of Work)

Nothing short of high praise can be given to Microsoft for their creation of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This wonderful piece of technology allows virtually anyone to be able to enjoy video games. It appears it can also be used to allow anyone to enjoy the Nintendo Switch if you are willing to go through the steps to make it happen. YouTuber My Mate Vince has figured out how to utilize the Xbox Adaptive Controller on the Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the video below:

There’s a lot involved in making the Adaptive Controller work with the Switch,as far as remapping the buttons, and if you want to make your own switches and controls instead of buying the peripherals from Microsoft directly. If you have someone special in your life that really loves Nintendo but can’t enjoy their games because of limited mobility issues, this might be an alternative route you could take. Also, kudos to My Mate Vince for figuring this out, he does a pretty good job of trying to explain things as clearly as possible.

William M.
William M.http://Ticgamesnetwork.com
35 year old gamer. Father of one, got a wife around here somewhere too. Haha. I've been gaming since '88. I feel I've reached some weird "Old Gamer" paradigm in my life where I usually only end up playing for a few hours of out the day, and if people didn't know better, they'd probably call me a filthy casual. I'm more of a grizzled veteran who has been there and done that and nothing really has the wow factor it once did. RPG's are my jam, Western RPG's mainly. I like a good JRPG too though. Might fight you over Fallout.

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