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Yoshi Announced For Nintendo Switch

One of the things I love about Nintendo is their approach to visuals. While some developers pursue state-of-the-art photorealistic visuals and boast about the chest hairs on a character model, Nintendo is often known to pursue a more timeless aesthetic. That is certainly true of Yoshi, a newly announced game for the Nintendo Switch.

Over the years Nintendo has pursued visual themes such as fabrics, paint, clay and even wool yarn. In Yoshi, the world is crafted from cardboard, paper, wood sticks and even stone. The game looks like a playset a family might construct from materials found around the house.

Yoshi has his familiar egg maneuver. When he swallows an enemy Yoshi will lay an egg that follows him around until he needs to launch it at a target. This move can be used to attack other enemies or even activate switches that alter the environment around you.

Longtime Nintendo players are used to hidden areas within stages but Yoshi takes it a step further. Every stage has a flip side with more coins and goodies for you to discover.

Some segments of the game have a second Yoshi on screen. Presumably one JoyCon controls each Yoshi meaning this could be a one or two player game at almost any time.

Enjoy the game trailer below:

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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