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Xbox will apparently have a longer E3 2019 presentation than usual

Microsoft has an unusual opportunity at E3 this year with Sony’s announcement that there will be no PlayStation conference during the event. As the only first party publisher with a major E3 conference planned, it looks like Microsoft is not going to squander this rare opportunity. In fact, the Xbox E3 2019 presentation will be noticeably longer than any other Xbox E3 conference in recent memory. Microsoft has indicated that this year’s conference will be roughly two hours long according to a graphic buried in a video found on the Brazilian Xbox YouTube channel. Have a look for yourself:

For the sake of context, the Xbox conference last year was 100 minutes long while the one before that was 95 minutes long according to ResetEra member Rychu. Ever since the 2016 Xbox conference the length of Microsoft’s presentations has increased by five minutes per year.

As my friend and colleague Samuel Tolbert reminds me, this is just the amount of time that Microsoft has reserved and the actual conference may be shorter than 120 minutes. With that said, I do expect the Xbox E3 2019 presentation to be longer given the trend of increasing lengths for Microsoft conferences and the fact that Xbox will be the sole first party presentation this year. I am expecting a lot of third party game reveals this year along with details about xCloud and the next generation of Xbox consoles. Top that off with some new first party game announcements and I expect Microsoft will have a solid conference this year.

If you want to watch the Brazilian Xbox video for yourself, you can check it out below. Skip the :58 mark.

Source: User Oluasc via ResetEra

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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