Xbox Scorpio Officialy Titled Xbox One X

It’s official, Project Scorpio has officially been revealed at Microsoft’s E3 Xbox conference. With the reveal came the official title of the console. Enter Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X joins the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S family consoles. With the Xbox One and One S sharing the same power, the Xbox One X hopes to offer a premium gaming experience to those who want a true native 4K console. With plenty of Xbox executives claiming the console would be able to achieve the 4K stretch mark, many gaming enthusiasts were quick to sustain from any backing of the claim. Those 4K claims were officially proven today with the reveal of several games claiming full 4K native support.

Many speculated on title of the new console. Some news sites through out names like the Xbox One 10, in recognition to Windows 10, another name was Xbox One Pro. It looks like the speculation is now over. What do you fans think of the name?


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