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Xbox One Owners are Playing OG Xbox Games Online

Original Xbox backwards compatible games just hit the Microsoft Store and already gamers are finding ways to further improve their experience. Sure the added benefit of being able to play OG Xbox games with improved framerates and resolutions is cool but what if you could play them online? While Microsoft has stated that old OG Xbox games would never have their online components working again, Crimson Skies players have used XLink Kai in order to face opponents online.

For those unfamiliar with XLink Kai think of it as it’s own Xbox Live. Gamers have often used this online service in order to play old games that have had their online components scrapped. A lot of old OG Xbox owners have used this networking system to play old forgotten games and apparently the Xbox One is capable of using the same matchmaking system along with the ability to play against people playing on an OG Xbox.

The Xbox subreddit notes that if someone wants to play Xbox games online you would have to follow the Xbox 360 guide which works with the One. One redditor even posted video of his experience. Check it out below.

Microsoft has yet to mention a word on this creative workaround for online play but seeing as how XLink Kai has been around for years it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft doesn’t mind if you jump on board. If anything Microsoft should look into officially implementing the system.

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