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Xbox One S Sold Out in Germany and UK

Microsoft and the Xbox have had a terrible time gaining any traction in European countries since the launch of the original Xbox. Largely criticized for not having foreign support, the Xbox brand may be having a turn in its favor. According to Games Tribune, the Xbox One S supplies have been “exhausted” in Germany and are impossible to find in the United Kingdom. The change in momentum from the Xbox console sales is welcoming for the team in Redmond as the console had been trailing behind the PS4 for nearly a year.

The sudden popularity of the new Xbox One S is due largely from a team that has learned from its mistakes. One of which is the initial complaint gamers had with the device itself. It was too large and bulky. Many online communities had come to label it as a VCR because of how painfully uninspired it visually presented itself. The issue is fixed with the One S as the new console now comes in a sleeker package with a reduced size.

Another complaint was the power brick. Like its name implies, the power brick was the power supply the protected the Xbox One from power surges. The new Xbox One S cleverly hides the new surge protector in the console itself but in a reduced size. The overall result is a clear message that the console was built to be a slim counterpart to the regular Xbox One console.

The real question is can the Xbox One S continue its momentum towards the next quarter? We have seen the regular Xbox One console beat the PS4 in sales around the holiday season so seeing a jump in sales for a month or two is not so uncommon. The real surprise will come during the next NPD numbers drop.

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Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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