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Xbox One Independent Developers Pack Revealed

Microsoft has a new console SKU bundle already in the works and it’s not even E3 yet. The console has been revealed as the Xbox One Independent Developers Pack and you can only purchase this from Australia’s Microsoft store.The bundle is priced the same as any other Kinect-less XB1 pack, at $499AU.

Xbox One Independent Developers Pack



This was spotted by Engadget after the listing was announced on Twitter, the Independent Developers Pack (ID@Xbox) bundle will feature 7 popular indie titles Hands of fate, Threes, Warframe, #IDARB, The Jack Box Party Pack, Never alone and finally SMITE.


Also According to a capped listing The bundle will also include the Xbox One Wireless Controller with 3.5mm headset jack, standard 500GB HDD, downloadable tokens for the indies titles, and all the other peripherals for the console to function. The Xbox Store page that had the listing has been edited to remove the specific controller information so this one may have slipped a little early.

There’s no word on a launch for the US or anywhere else, but with the big gaming conference called E3 just a couple of weeks away, we should hear more soon.

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