Xbox One Game ‘Chariot’ Shows it’s True Hues to Great Effect

In a gaming first, Philip’s Hue Connected Lights and Xbox One game ‘Chariot’ can now talk to each other. “What does this mean?” you ask? Certainly this can’t be just about colorful conversation between the two?!

No, my friends.. this means that if you own the game ‘Chariot’ on the Xbox One (which was at one time free to Xbox gold subscribers) and you have the Philip’s Hue Connected Lights.. (drum roll…) the game will change the light color/hue in the room to enhance what’s going on in the game in real time.

Check the video below to see an example! It kind of reminds me of the Illumiroom concept to a smaller degree. One can only hope this catches on and more games start offering this functionality! Have to go get some Hue lights, byeeee! {runs out to buy some Hue lights before they are sold out}

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