Xbox Gamerscore Leaderboards Now Include Xbox 360 Games

Many gamers on Xbox enjoy the friendly competitive nature of the Gamerscore leaderboard, competing to be at the top of the list among their circle of friends each month. One major roadblock however has been a lack of Xbox 360 achievement tracking. While any achievements earned in Xbox One and Windows 10 titles are added to players’ monthly totals, anything earned in Xbox 360 games does not count. As a result, players have been waiting a long time for the announcement that Xbox Gamerscore leaderboards now include Xbox 360 games.

Today, that request has been answered. Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, confirmed today via Twitter that Xbox 360 achievements would also count towards the monthly total.

Here’s the announcement showing that Xbox Gamerscore Leaderboards now include Xbox 360 games: 

This is definitely appreciated, especially with the massive focus Xbox is placing on backward compatibility. Since the Xbox Gamerscore leaderboards now include Xbox 360 games, players should find it a touch easier to climb their way up the leaderboard.

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