Xbox Game Pass Is Coming to PC

Xbox Game Pass Rumored to Come to Nintendo Switch

Rumors are swirling today as several sources are mentioning the potential release of the Xbox Game Pass as a service on the Nintendo Switch.

The news comes after Direct Feed Games, a Nintendo focused news outlet, shared the rumor of the Xbox service coming to the Nintendo Switch along with ports of Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel. As a follow up Game Informer also mentions that they too have heard from sources that the Xbox game streaming service is coming to the Switch. A third source, Jez Corden of Windows Central, also mentioned today he too has heard rumors about a year ago about Microsoft’s plans on the Nintendo Switch. With the overwhelming amount of sources stepping foward it may be true that Microsoft is indeed intending to bring their catalog of games to the Nintendo Switch.

While many may be surprised, overjoyed, or bitter of this move by Microsoft from a business point of view this is unsurprising. The Xbox Game Pass service was always seen as “Netflix” on consoles. With hints of an “Xcloud” service on the horizon it seems as though Microsoft is attempting to improve streaming to the point where lag is not an issue. For a Netflix style service to truly flourish and dominate the gaming industry it would need to capitalize on as many customers as possible. That’s where the Nintendo Switch comes in.

If Microsoft does indeed place their service on the Nintendo Switch it would offer Switch owners the catalog of Xbox exclusives, in return it would offer Microsoft a new console to sell everything on. If Xbox Game Pass does become successful on the Nintendo Switch then the Switch player base would start funneling their money into the Game Pass instead of the eShop. Microsoft is already trying to establish Xbox Live as the multiplayer service developers would want to use on the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft’s plans is to be to get into all possible devices and expand their revenue through the bigger audience they will get.

With Google attempting a similar strategy, let’s see which company comes out on top and wins the race to become the Netflix of gaming.


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