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Xbox Game Pass Is Expanding Its Subscribers Tastes In Games

Xbox Game Pass, which has not even been on the market for a year yet has seemingly “changed the game” so to speak in terms of how gamers are playing. When Xbox Game Pass was first revealed, many people had concerns about how this would affect game sales. There was an especially large concern in regards to Xbox’s own first party games releasing day one on the service. At the time, all of these criticisms were very well rooted as the only comparable service was PS Now. Which while being a similar service didn’t offer any of PlayStations first party lineup anywhere close to launch date. With no prior data, there was a lot of fear surrounding the service and how it could affect the industry as a whole.

Today, almost one year since the launch of Game Pass we have seen its had a massive impact on the industry in a positive way. As per industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter who shared information from the Sydney Morning Herald which pointed to some very interesting statistics in regards to Xbox Game Pass.

– 20% increase in game time

– 40% increase in the number of games played

– New titles entering GP see active base grow x2

– 25% increase in pre-orders

– 10% increase in franchise sales

With so much concern about Game Pass devaluing games, as the data indicates it is actually driving sales. With players branching out trying out franchises that they may have not had interest in before. This would definitely explain the massive amount of 3rd party support that has been coming to Xbox Game Pass as of late. With publishers like Bethesda putting games like Rage, and Doom ahead of their upcoming sequels to increase player interest in these franchises. It appears that Xbox Game Pass will become a big option for developers to reach a larger audience with their games. With its value increasing with every month, it will be very interesting to see how the service continues to grow going forward.


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