Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Heads To PC With 100+ Titles, Ultimate Pass Announced

The Xbox E3 2019 conference has been going fairly well, with a heavy emphasis on Xbox Game Pass as being a big focus this year. Needless to say it sure panned out. Xbox Game Pass has received some big changes, and it’s exciting. All of the 1st and some 3rd party titles shown earlier in the show will be available on Xbox Game Pass day and date. Games such as Wasteland 3, Outer Worlds, Bleeding Edge, Gears 5 and more. Already knowing that there is a bunch of new games coming out the day they launch onto Xbox Game Pass is great, but there’s more. Batman: Arkham Knight, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, Hollow Knight and Metro Exodus all launched onto Xbox Game Pass that day.

Xbox Game Pass New Titles

Xbox Game Pass for PC also got a special renouncement. The Open Beta is now currently out for PC players to use with over 100 curated games for the library. One of the most notable mentions is Halo: The Master Chief Collection heading to PC, starting with Halo: Reach. Xbox Game Pass for PC is only $9.99US a month. There is also a bigger subscription you can go for, called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It’s Xbox Game Pass for console, Xbox Live Gold AND Xbox Game Pass for PC all wrapped up into a single subscription. you can currently sign up today for only $1. If you already have preexisting subscriptions, it will combine the remaining time.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you are looking to sign up, follow the link here to the store page and get the subscription for only $1: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you are curious a to how it all works, you can also check out the F.A.Q from the support page here: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate FAQ

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