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Xbox Fans Push for Sunset Overdrive 2

Sunset Overdrive is by far one my favorite new IPs this generation. It is a game that was beyond fun, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. When it comes to the Xbox One, the game was definitely “off the beaten path” when compared to other exclusives for the console. Its unique gameplay, story, and characters made it exactly the kind of game that was needed on the Xbox platform. By allowing Insomniac Games to keep the rights to the IP, Microsoft was able to make this fast-paced, beautiful game exclusive to Xbox.

Unfortunately, the sales of the title never lived up to expectations, leaving fans wondering if a follow-up was even possible. To that end, a fan recently tweeted Insomniac about a sequel. The developer responded that they are in need of a publisher.

This tweet sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community. Who will step up to the plate and publish this anticipated game? A few Xbox fans have taken it upon them selves to let their voices be heard using the Xbox User Voice Forums. The community petition to bring Sunset Overdrive 2 to the Xbox One currently has over 3,000 votes. If you are fan of the underrated title, let your voice be heard and help make Sunset Overdrive 2 a reality. 

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