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Xbox Creators Program Allows Developers To Directly Publish Games

Great news, indie game fans! Games will come out more frequently in a new update to the Xbox Creators Program. This is a platform for fresh developers to publish their own games. Going live with the games that they have put a great deal of time into just got a whole lot easier.

Developers all over the globe can now publish their games directly to the Xbox One and Windows 10 stores without having to go through a ton of prerequisites. What does this mean for young developers? They get to release their game to over 50 million Xbox Live users and many more PC users. As for indie game fans, this means we can now get access to even more amazing games and have great content to stream and discuss.

With any unfiltered content, there are restrictions. Professional developers that want their games to have access to all Xbox features will have to submit them for certification. On Xbox Wire,they explain that features such as Achievements, Gamerscore, and online multiplayer will not be accessible in the Xbox Creators Program.

I checked out the Creators Program on my Xbox and the first titles have already been added. There are a lot of free games and the others are pretty decently priced. You can find these games by going to the store and looking under the section marked “Creators Collection”. Once you’re in, you can view previews and screenshots of the available games just like the others on the store.

Creators Collection Button

Being a huge fan of indies, I personally am super excited for this recent announcement. Most of the games I am anxiously awaiting are not as well-known and from new developers. Now content that appeals to all different types of gamers will be released more often. Whether you like horror, puzzle, or arcade you are almost guaranteed a great game with this new update.

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