Xbox 360 Games are Now Xbox One X Enhanced

Four More Xbox 360 Games are Now Xbox One X Enhanced

Major Nelson has just announced that four more Xbox 360 games are now Xbox One X Enhanced! In addition, the long-requested Crackdown is finally backwards compatible.

Here’s the list of newly enhanced games: 
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • Crackdown 
  • Fable Anniversary 
  • Forza Horizon 
Here’s all of the Xbox 360 games with Xbox One X enhancements: 

The team at Xbox hasn’t stopped there though. There’s also a new graphics setting, allowing you to choose between better visuals and better performance for enhanced Xbox 360 titles. You can take a look at how it works here:

Enhanced Xbox 360 Games render at 9X the normal resolution, meaning these backwards compatible games look better on Xbox One X than ever before. These new options and additions by the team at Xbox are pretty awesome. There are now 464 backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, 11 X enhanced Xbox 360 games and 13 Original Xbox titles.

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