Wushu Studios Is Partnering With Lucid Games

Wushu Studios Is Partnering With Lucid Games for Multiple Projects

Wushu Studios is a team that was publicly announced earlier this year. Headed by veteran developers from Evolution Studios, they’re working on a new science-fiction IP. Today, we’ve learned that’s not all they are up to and that Wushu Studios is partnering with Lucid Games. Wushu will be aiding in the development of the upcoming Switchblade, as well as other future projects.

Lucid are a classy team and we’re thrilled to be contributing to their upcoming projects. Opportunities like these, to work and share knowledge with other talented and experienced developers, are what motivate us as a team. New challenges like these offer us a chance to hone our skills and flex our creativity which, in turn, helps us stay agile when it comes to our own IP – something we hope to be able to talk more about soon,” said Wushu Studios founder Alan McDermott.We look forward to sharing more about our work with Lucid in the coming weeks and months.”

Lucid Games was founded in 2011 by staff from Bizarre Creations and you can find their website here. Switchblade is a 5V5 vehicular combat MOBA and it’s in early access right now on PlayStation 4 and Steam. You can check out the trailer below:

Work will also continue on Wushu’s science-fiction title and we’ll be sure to let you know when anything is announced. To learn more about the formation of Wushu Studios, you can check out their initial announcement right here.

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