World War Z Undead Sea Update

World War Z Undead Sea Update Out Now

The first batch of free DLC content for the highly successful World War Z game Undead Sea is out now. In the first update, players will revisit Tokyo, Japan as they aboard an abandoned ship infested with the undead. In this tight corridor map, players will be faced with overwhelming zombie hordes as well as a brand-new special zombie called the Infector.

If you happen to encounter the Infector in the game be cautious as if your hit with its saliva, you will have to quickly heal or become one of the dead. Also in this update: players will receive stability improvements, loadout changes mid PVP mode, private lobbies and more. Will you be jumping in on the action in the latest World War Z update? Let us know in the comment section below.

Check out the trailer for World War Z – Undead Sea below:

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