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The Witching Hour Night 30: Costume Quest

There are a number of game development studios that are on my short list of day one purchases. Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions is on that list and to this day one of my favorite games from that studio is their own little love letter to Halloween – Costume Quest.

As you probably guessed, Costume Quest takes place on Halloween night. You play as one of two twins – you choose whether it is the boy or the girl. They recently moved to their current neighborhood and Mom suggests you go out and enjoy some trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, an encounter with a monster who craves sweets leads to your sibling being captured. While your sibling annoys you, big trouble awaits if you go home without him/her. You team up with other kids from the neighborhood and with the power of your Halloween costumes take on the monsters and get your sibling back. And hopefully load up on candy.

Costume Quest is a turn-based RPG with an emphasis on exploration and obtaining items. Your choice of costume determines your powers in combat as you morph into a giant version of whatever you are depicting. A robot costume has you turn into a giant mech with missile attacks whereas a knight costume offers a shield for defense.

With weird characters, whimsical writing and a lot of nostalgia, Costume Quest is a must-play during the Halloween season. Best of all, the game is only 99 cents right now on Steam or you can get it bundled with its sequel for about $5.

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Writer. Photographer. I leveraged a business degree to play video games. My opinions are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Inner Circle (but they should). DMs on my Twitter are open.

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