The Witching Hour Night Twenty-Five: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

So far we have looked at some notable horror television series such as Tales of the Crypt and The Twilight Zone on the Witching Hour. Tonight we look at a series that is a little friendlier for the whole family and you can watch it legally for free. Are You Afraid of the Dark? comes to the Witching Hour.

Like the shows mentioned above, Are You Afraid of the Dark is a horror anthology series originally aired on Nickelodeon. Every episode was book-ended with a group of teens who call themselves The Midnight Society. They would typically introduce a storyteller who relates a tale for that particular episode. These tales would be preceded with the line, “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society”. I had always found that to be an elegant reference to the Twilight Zone series.

Given that the show was designed for younger viewers, the episodes are not particularly scary but they can be a lot of fun to watch. It has some very creative production design despite a fairly low budget; I really like some of the creatures we’ve seen. Most episodes are resolved with a positive ending but every now and then we see protagonists die or meet harsh ends.

If you are looking for some family friendly content for your Halloween party, Are You Afraid of the Dark is a good choice. Best of all, the entire show has been made available to watch on YouTube for free (though you’ll have to put up with some ads). I usually stay away from recommending YouTube but in this case the show was uploaded legally so I am comfortable pointing you in that direction.

The show is also available on DVD though they are out of print. The entire series is on Amazon Instant Video.

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