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Witchfire Gets New Information, Is Aiming to Release in 2020

Witchfire is an upcoming dark fantasy first-person shooter being developed The Astronauts, the studio behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Ever since Witchfire was first revealed at The Game Awards 2017, the team has been on blackout mode, working in secrecy through most of 2018. That has just changed, as the team is no longer silent and has begun giving updates on the development of Witchfire. In this first update, Witchfire gets new information, a release window and more.

Here’s The Game Awards 2017 reveal trailer for Witchfire

Here’s a summary of the game from the new studio update: 

During the 300 years of European witch hunts that started in the 15th century, tens of thousands of women, men and children lost their lives due to superstition, politics and profit.

But that’s our history and our world.

In the world of Witchfire, witches are real.

And you are the punishing hand of the Church.

That’s the core idea behind the game, even if things are not as black-and-white as one might think.

More information from the new update:

  • Witchfire does not have any cutscenes but the world contains a ton of lore
  • It’s being developed by eight people (plus some outsourcing) in Unreal Engine 4, a very tight-knit team
  • Dozens of guns have been modelled, the map has been developed with photogrammetry and the AI is being finished
  • The game won’t come out in 2019 but a Witchfire release window of 2020 is reasonable

The team is also starting regular updates, with behind-the-scenes looks at animations and more. This is intended to help show how the game (and games in general) are developed.

Witchfire is an interesting, unique blend of setting and concepts, so it’ll be interesting to see how development goes through 2019.

Samuel Tolbert
Samuel Tolberthttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Hello, I'm Samuel. I'm the News Editor for TiC Games Network. I've loved video games for most of my life. I also enjoy writing about them. If you like what I write, feel free to follow me on Twitter. Also enjoy talking about tech, movies and other geeky stuff.

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