Wishlist For NBA 2k17 – Part 1

Fellow NBA 2k players rejoice as version updates have finally stopped due to 2kgames being hard at work in their latest installment, NBA 2k17.

At this point NBA 2k players are deciding if they should invest their money into the next game in the series. “NBA 2k16 was awesome! Why even think about getting the next one?” I said to myself. Pondering that question, here is what players of the popular NBA game might want to see in the newest version:


Unveiled to gamers by game trailers and leaked images, 2k16 Myplayer was very ambitious with game mode when it was revealed last summer. Many assumed this game mode would have a great dedicated story that would highlight a lot of unique dialogue options. I can’t speak for the rest but, sadly for me, it fell short in both of those aspects. The story never made me feel like I was in the game. I felt like I was someone else by the name of Freak, the default name the game used to refer to the player.

Players never had the option to un-name themselves as Freak until the second season of the game. It was only until the second season that you felt more like yourself but that wouldn’t last long as you were constantly reminded by text messages of your girlfriend, Yvette. Callbacks to the season 1 name would still be around. Whenever you happened to make a score or perform a stunning dunk your character would perform a dance move called the “Freak n Viben”.

The story did have a heartfelt touch at the end, but personally, it was extremely short and felt rushed. I mean, it cut me off from playing the second game of the playoffs so I could go into free agency, even if we won. This rushed pace is found even in the beginning. Having only three games in high school and four games of college basketball on your resume without the option to stay away from the NBA draft makes for an unrealistic approach to the sport. For crying out loud, there was a heated conversation cutscene that talked about you making your decision on whether you wanted to enter the draft and the player had no choice! In short, it doesn’t allow you to develop your game.

Don’t even get me started on the racial slackness of this game. Make a white, Asian, or any other ethnicity besides a man of color in Myplayer and you will surely know what I mean.


Bottom line, I don’t want to be rushed. I want options since it’s supposed to be me in the game. It’s my story. Last, but not least, it’s about time we had some people of color in the video game industry holding it down but my goodness other races play basketball as well!

Thank you for reading my article & keep browsing Ticgn for more gaming related articles. Next week on part 2 of the NBA 2K17 wish list, I will speak on why I think female ballers should be in 2k17!

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