Will Project Scorpio Be Named Xbox 10S And Cost $400?

Microsoft has released a few teaser videos for Project Scorpio lately and as expected, the collective internet has dissected the footage. Surprisingly, a number of hidden clues have been uncovered and fans have been speculating as to the meaning behind them.

First of all, if you’d like to see these teasers for yourself, The Red Dragon has compiled them into a single video:

One of the first images with a veiled message is of a carnival tent next to a Ferris wheel. On the tent is a sign that simply says 6>4 which is possibly a reference to the Scorpio’s GPU which runs at 6 teraflops. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro console has a GPU which runs at 4.12 teraflops.

Another video has a scene with hundreds of cheering people. On one side of the screen is a stage with the characters “X10S101-317”.

For a while search queries using Google lead users to this image which some have interpreted that Scorpio may launch for as low as $399.

That is probably just a coincidence but the phrase “X10S101-317” is generating quite a bit of debate. Some have suggested that “101-317” translates to October 13th, 2017. That is a Friday which has been a popular console launch date in recent years. As it happens, Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been rescheduled to be released during that week. Microsoft has marketing rights for that game and it will be one of the first Native 4K games on Scorpio.

If those numbers do indeed indicate the release date, then what does “X10S” mean? Could that tie somehow to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform? Does “X10S” mean Xbox 10S?

This is entirely speculation. Microsoft’s E3 press conference is in five days and we will learn the console’s name, price and release date. TICGN is sending a team to E3 so be sure to check out the news and videos we have in store for you.

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