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You Will Need Over $4,500 Or Thousands Of Hours To Unlock Everything In Battlefront II

Electronic Arts will release the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II in a couple of days and unfortunately, any positive aspects about the game are overshadowed by its controversial monetization system. while EA is quick to point out that everything in the game can be earned in-game, the grind is ridiculousy long. To put it simply, unlocking everything in the game will cost over $2,100 in real money with the current pricing. If you want to earn everything in Battlefront II without buying any loot crates then you better get comfortable. It will take more than 2,100 hours of play to earn enough to upgrade every star card.

The numbers were crunched by the good people at Star Wars: The Old Republic Strategies. I highly encourage you to visit their website but it has been getting hammered lately so here is an archived copy of their report.

The calculations are based on a couple of assumptions. It is assumed the player will have already unlocked all of the cards and spent credits earned from challenges and level awards to boost all of them to level 3.

There are a total of 324 Star Cards in the game that are allocated to character classes, vehicle and equipment. To upgrade every card to its maximum level takes 155,520 crafting parts and you will need 3,111 loot crates to get them. That will take a whopping $2,100 to buy that many loot crates.

But everything can be earned in-game, right? If that is your approach then you better clear your schedule. You will need to play the game for over 4,500 hours to earn enough credits to buy all of those loot crates. To put that into perspective, if you played the game for 40 hours per week you would need over two years to unlock everything.

To be fair, most players probably won’t unlock everything. They’ll just stick to their preferred classes and vehicles. That is completely fine but this report does show just how much of the game is locked behind those loot crates.

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