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Will Ben Affleck direct a 2018 Batman solo movie

A strange rumour is about this morn, one that (you have been warned!) should be taken with a large helping of salt. We have all heard about the bumpy ride that DC’s screen writers and directors potentially go through during pre-production. It is even rumoured that writers all compete with their individual scripts, this causing many problems to the tune of lack of continuity and writers scripts becoming unusable due to movies being released currently.With this in mind it is likely that any rumours as to a current directorial favourite could well change down the line.

According then to Latino Review, Terrio and Affleck who have previously collaborated on Argo are the front runners to direct a Batman standalone movie. The writer-director combo won critical and commercial success for Argo which also starred Affleck in the leading role.

Ben Affleck’s casting as batman cause considerable fan backlash and was not the first controversial casting decision made in the DCU. Both the casting of Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor and the casting of Jason Momoa have been the source of tribulations.

All in all it remains to be seen if this rumour holds any truth although given that Affleck and Terrio have done good work in the past it may not be as dire as all that. Whatever happens it’s likely we will see lots of announcements for work within the DC cinematic universe at Comic-Con this weekend.


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