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Wii Emulator Gets a Massive Boost from DirectX 12

Dolphin Developers have started work implementing the latest DirectX 12 API from Microsoft after a community member showed the apparent benefits to applying the update to the emulator would do. Looking at pure framerate, the emulator saw an increase of over 50%.


Since then the community members’ revisions were implemented in the latest master build of the main emulator on PC. Interestingly enough, gamers could expect the massive performance boost on both AMD and Nvidia hardware. Requirements currently dictate that you need to have a graphics card equal or better than the Intel Discreet 4400 graphics chip and Windows 10 to see the improvements.

The Dolphin emulator on PC is a community software project that allows you to run Wii and Gamecube games on your PC without having access to any Nintendo console. Although the software is mainly used as a gateway to the massive piracy issue on PC, it’s good to see some real world performance gains on gaming software as a whole for Windows 10.

David Whitaker
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