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Why I Love Gamers, and Gaming.

I am a Gamer. From the first time I inserted the Mario Bros Cartridge on our NES at age 7, to the moment when I ran to the Game store to purchase Age of Empires 2 with saved up pocket money. From watching in awe when you first see the in-game cinematics in Warcraft 3, to day dreaming about how you can overcome a certain challenge in your favourite game. I have always been a Gamer.

I love our community. From the hard-core players that demand more from the community they support, to the casual players who enjoy playing with you regardless of skill, we all are gamers at heart. We’ve all jumped with joy when you land that first win in Halo, or managed to out manoeuvre your opponent in chess. I love the gamers who will challenge themselves to become the best in their hobby, because to be the best is as much of an achievement as winning a marathon.

The community is a tight knit group that will stand together when something is wrong, they will challenge the people who report on their hobby and demand fairness. Yes, you do get unsavoury individuals in every group, but Gamers will point them out and make sure they lose their ‘standing’ amongst other gamers. Because gaming is about Fun, and not about hate.

I love the console wars (from the days of the Commodore to the current argument for Xbox One or any other platform), because you stand for what you believe is the better system. Nowhere will you see a blanket approval of any device, because that would be unfair and would promote a monopoly. Gamers won’t stand for it. Because no gamer is the same, and they will fight for their right to opinion, even if it feels to some as ‘gaming gone wrong’.

As a gamer, I feel honoured to be tasked with writing about gaming as a hobby. I encourage the community to discuss my opinions and point out when I am wrong about any particular subject (bar insults and slurs). I am as passionate about gaming as anyone else, and I understand the need for people like me.

I love the community who will, when there is a vacuum of information on their favourite platform, would start their own websites and news outlets to support the fans and their community in their efforts for such information. From the days where you ran to your friends to see the latest work around for the game you’re stuck in, to today where you can tune into your favorite Youtuber talking about how you can beat that difficult puzzle in The Witness.

I love the diverse group of people in gaming, from amazing women that play Dark Souls (something admittedly I’m too chicken to play), to people from all walks of life coming together in a unified way to talk about their favourite hobby online. I love that gamers are willing to accept a push for more diversity in the characters they play (well to those who that actually matters).

I love Gamers who will without fail support developers no matter which platform they write to. Every game is worth playing on every platform, and those developers deserve success. I celebrate gamers who will stand in line as enthusiastically for a new Xbox game, as much as they would for the next Wii game. I applaud the gamers who will not dismiss a game because it’s not ‘1080p’ or ‘60fps’, because not all systems and not all games can run at that framerate, and not all gamers can afford such a system that may. Fly the flag of amazing games because it’s about much more than what they appear to look like.

I love Gamers who will stand up to developers who unfairly exploit the medium, to making lacklustre games. We vote with our wallets, and we will not stand for it. We support our favourite franchises and give all games a fair shot regardless if someone gives it a bad score (most games are bad if they review bad).

You may not identify as a gamer, but you enjoy games, whether Candy Crush or Dark Souls, your life is made rich by the fact that there are developers who will spend time and effort to make sure you’re satisfied in your hobby. I celebrate gamers, because they love games as much as I do, and don’t want to see the hobby fall to the wayside.

I love Gamers. You’re all awesome.

David Whitaker
David Whitakerhttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
I'm David Whitaker and I'm just a man who loves talking about the video game industry

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