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Which Publishers Are Most Supportive Of Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One?

It has been almost a year since Xbox One backwards compatibility was announced by Phil Spencer during Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference. It is a great option to have and this is arguably the time when backwards compatibility is most important because the previous console generation saw a heavy focus on games that were only available digitally. Those games would essentially be unplayable should a gamer sell their old systems or if they become inoperable. On top of that, there is currently no option to resell or trade digital game licenses so the aforementioned person would lose all of the money they invested in their library. Backwards compatibility gives new life to at least some of those games. It has also turned out to be a great preorder incentive. Preorder Quantum Break or Fallout 4 or several other titles and get a related game thrown in for no extra cost. Finally, as Phil Spencer pointed out recently, backwards compatibility helps to extend the life of the Xbox 360 servers because they will be needed to hold your games when they are not installed to your hard drive.

Third party publishers are more than welcome to offer their games for backwards compatibility and many have done just that. However, it appears that some publishers have been more supportive of this initiative than others.

A Reddit user by the name of strangenova has compiled a list of all backwards compatible games available as of today and grouped them according to which company published them. Games from subsidiaries are counted under the parent company. For example, games by PopCap are counted under Electronic Arts.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft tops the list with 69 of their Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One. Interestingly enough, the next two largest supporters of backwards compatibility are Japanese companies; namely Sega with twenty games and Bandai Namco who has offered ten of their titles. There are currently 177 games on the list of backwards compatible titles.

Here is the entire list in alphabetical order:

2K Games – 1

345 Games – 3

Aksys Games – 1

Atari – 4

Bandai Namco – 10

Bethesda Softworks – 5

Capcom – 2

CD Projekt Red – 1

Codemaster – 4

D3 Publisher – 1

Deep Silver – 3

Disney Interactive Studios – 8

Electronic Arts – 8

Gearbox Software – 2

Konami – 2

Mages – 1

Majesco Entertainment – 3

MarvelousAQL – 1

Microsoft Studios – 69

Midnight City – 2

Sega – 20

SNK Playmore – 5

Square Enix – 5

System 3 Software LTD – 1

THQ – 1

Ubisoft – 12

Valve Corporation – 1

Warner Bros. Interactive – 1

Keep in mind that this list does not include games that we know will be added such as three Bioshock games and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Is there a 360 game that you want to play on your Xbox One? The best thing you can do is cast your vote on the User Voice forums. You should also feel free to let me know what games you want in the comments section below.

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