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When Did Remastered Games Become Acceptable Substitutes For Light Game Line Up’s?

In this console generation, we have been plagued by an incessant amount of remastered games and ports of games from the 7th generation. Some of these were well deserved, while most left many gamers wondering why these publishers would even bother. In the early months, publishers took the opportunity to rebundle recent games like Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs around $60 at launch. Last E3, Microsoft set the bar at a whole other level with the Master Chief Collection, providing 4 halo campaigns, 100+ maps, and much more at a steal of a price of $60 at launch.

For better or worse, this altered the very concept of remastering games, making gamers question whether or not a remastered game was worth the asking price. Publishers were forced to react quickly with Saints Row 4 having to cut their price in half and Take Two having to bundle Borderlands 2 with the Presequel. Sony’s reaction to the MCC, saw them drop the price of the Last of Us Remastered by $10 and now offering up their own Collection, the Nathan Drake Collection which only includes the 3 PS3 released games. The NDC however was lambasted by many gamers as Sony cut out the multiplayer portions of Uncharted 2 and 3 and still expects $60.

Fact of the matter is, these remastered games have been used to pad out a weak next gen line up for these companies. Instead of a new God of War, we are getting a God of War 3 Remastered (again only 1 game for full price). Instead of a DMC 2, we get a remastered DMC and Devil May Cry 4. Instead of a new State of Decay with multiplayer, we have to settle with a updated remastered edition of the first title. And with rumors of a Gear of War Anniversary edition on the horizon, it can’t help but make one wonder how far away Gears 4 is.

Games shouldn’t be remastered as an excuse for a lack of games. Games should only be remastered for legacy matters, if the game is over 10 years old and even then shouldn’t be full price. The only other exception should be undisputed game of the year editions such as the case of GTA V. Remastered games aren’t inherently bad, but they must be done for the right reasons. Remastered games should never be done as a substitution for a light line up, and at full price no less



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