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What To Expect From The Anthem Demo

Anthem CES Trailer

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As the month of February looms closer we are anxiously awaiting a chance to get our hands on Anthem. For those that don’t know, Anthem is a game developed by BioWare and published by EA. The game is set in an Avatar like world, flying around in combat mech suits called “Javelins”. First teased at E3 2014, it’s been a very long wait to finally see the product launch next month. However, the demo is coming up very soon. The VIP demo starting January 25th – 27th and the open demo begins February 1st-3rd. These demos will be on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can start pre-loading the demo on January 23rd.

There needs to be some clarification as to what the player can expect in regards to the demo. Is it different than the main game? Does your progress carry over? Where do we start in the story? Hopefully the information below will answer all your questions. This information was pulled from the responses and posts of Mark Darrah, Michael Gamble and Ben Irving on twitter

What To Expect

  • You start right in the middle of the story
  • There are no tutorials
  • No “Pilot Picker” I.E. “create a character”
  • Balance is very different from the main game (easier)
  • Economy is “Very different”
  • 6 weeks less of bug fixes
  • Only 1 ‘Story Arc”
  • Overall mission, stronghold, and freeplay balance might be a little off
  • Slightly less nuanced PC controls
  • Items renamed for clarity in the main game
  • Progress does not carry over to the main game
  • Progress in the VIP demo carries over to the Open demo

Keep this information in mind when playing the demo and know it is not a representation of the final product release (like always). If you are wanting access to the VIP demo, you can either pre-order the game to qualify or be an EA Access/Origin Access member. You can check out all of the finer details about the Anthem demo here!

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