Weekly News Wrap-Up – April 22nd

While we missed you last week, the weekly wrap has returned, after a very exciting week with the launch of Yakuza 6 and God of War.  If you have been playing either of those games or both, you may have missed some of the news that broke this past week. Don’t worry though because we have got you covered. Here’s the weekly news wrap-up – April 22nd.

Darrell Gallagher Joins Microsoft Studios

In an interesting move by Microsoft. Darrell Gallagher previously the head of Crystal Dynamics and was a huge force behind the Tomb Raider reboots joins Microsofts Studios executive team. With more info about exactly what he will be doing at E3 as an announcement has a lot of people wondering. What is he working on? Hopefully, we will find out very soon!


Cory Barlog Reacts to Reviews

As gamers, we tend to lose sight of the people behind our favorite games and the connection these creators have with their games. This did not become anymore apparent than when Cory Barlog reacted to the review scores of God of War for the first time. It is truly a special video that you should check out.


Call of Duty Black Ops Overwatch

There have been a lot of rumors flying around the internet as to the next direction of Call of Duty Black Ops IIII.  The rumors include notions of multiplayer being modeled after Overwatch, to the removal of the single-player campaign. Catch up on all your juicy Call of Duty rumors.


Microsoft’s E3 Plans Teased

Interested in what Microsoft has in store for E3? Or are you interested in the amazing experience that is Xbox FanFest? Either way, all the details in regards to both released this week and it is winding up to be an amazing E3!


Night Trap Comes to Switch

In a fun little throwback, it appears the Nintendo Switch will get the old school horror game Night Trap. Previously only available on PS4, this is a great pick up for fans of retro games as well as an interesting look into the past of video games, and just how far they have come!



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