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Weekly Roundup: Oct 29th to Nov 3rd (Blizzcon, Smash Bros Direct, RDR2)

Weekly Roundup: Oct 27th to Nov 3rd

Another week gone, but another weekly round up is here! This past week we’ve had a couple big events, some sweet deals and a whole lot more news than usual. Lets take a dive into what happened at Blizzcon, Super Smash Bros. Direct, this month’s PS+ and Xbox Live deals and so much more.



BlizzCon has always been one of the best gaming conferences out there. They have been around since 2005, hosting performances from the like of Liking park/Metallica/Foo Fighters/Ozzy Osborne/Tenacious D and a bunch more. All of Blizzards new games are also announced at this conference, so when a certain game was announced this year fans were not pleased. Diablo Immortal, Overwatch, Warcraft 3, and Destiny 2 all make the conference highlights.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

Nintendo has been on a roll lately with fan service for their games, more so for Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is set to release soon. Nintendo had their Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct this past week, giving out the final details of the game so fans know what to expect. They boasted a massive 74 character roster with the final reveal of the last 2 fighters, Incineroar and Ken from Street Fighter. Nintendo also detailed the Fighters Pass and a free DLC fighter, check them out in the articles below.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games has finally released their Wild West game Red Dead Redemption 2, and has received some very high accolades. Red Dead Redemption 2 has set a new standard for depth in gameplay, bringing an intensely immersive world that will suck you right back to 1899. The opening weekend sales alone show how widely received the game is to gamers everywhere. If you are just starting out yourself, check out the beginners guide below done by our Editor Samuel Tolbert.

Weekly Highlights

Diving into the general gaming/pop culture news of the week, we found some standouts that everyone should know about. The full lineup of the PlayStation Classic was announced, loaded with 20 old school titles that every PlayStation fan can reminisce about. A potential Xbox mobile controller prototype has been revealed, ID@Xbox celebrates their 1000th game, Sunset Overdrive might be coming to PC and a bunch more make the Weekly Highlights.


Looking for some great gaming deals? We’ve got this months Xbox Games with Gold, Gamepass additions, and PS+ deals all compiled for you. Not all of the titles for Xbox Gamepass have been reveled though, so next Saturday at X018 expect for the surprise reveal! X018 is a revived fan oriented Xbox conference and a lot of great things are going to be shown. Tune in next weekend for the highlights from X018.

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