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Weekly Roundup – Oct 22nd to Oct 28th

Weekly Roundup

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup – Oct 22nd to Oct 28th. Not too much hit the news waves this week, but there are still some stand out pieces. What are they you may ask? Well, he topics cover Battlefield V, Jump Force, Xbox Game Pass and some other items, check them out below!



Dying Embers

The Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V has been pushed back until early 2019, garnering some criticism of whether or not that is the right move. Hopefully it will come out polished and worth playing

Spooky Spooky

Xbox Game Pass continues to get better and better over time. All in time for Halloween, you get some fantastic horror/creepy games to help you sate that spooky need for spooky games.

Matter Of Time

It’s not completely official just yet, but Xbox Game Pass looks to definitely be coming to PC at some point. Check out all the details of the story in the article below!

Will It Be Worth It?

I’m sure there are many anime fans out there that are excited for a live-action My Hero Academia, but as with the history of previous live-action anime movies, will it be worth it? Hopefully this one won’t turn out like the others, and will stand tall in its debut!

Jump To It!

Get to pre-ordering, because Jump Force finally has a launch date! Along with the announcement of the release date, addition characters were announced to the roster! Check it out!


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