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Weekly Recap – Sept 2nd to Sept 8th

Weekly Recap

Welp, here we are again with another lovely Weekly Recap! This time around we check out some pretty eye opening news that happened the past week. Free Anthem DLC, PS2 service officially stops, Xbox One Alexa support and much more!



More Yakuza Thats Not Yakuza

From the makers of Yakuza comes Judge Eyes! A brand new IP in literally the exact same style of the, you guessed it, Yakuza series.

“Xbox, On”

Looks like those people who loved the Kinect and its voice commands can now supplement it with Alexa supported devices! Coming soon, of course.

Free Is Good

Woohoo! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Anthem will receive free story based DLC that will be available to everyone, so have your javelin ready for when the DLC drops!

Superman of Rivia

Mr. Man of Steel Henry Cavill has been cast in the upcoming Netflix Witcher series as Geralt of Rivia! Heres to hoping he plays the role very well, knowing how much of a fan he is of the series.

Will It Live Again?

THQ Nordic surprised everyone when they happily announced they have acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur Ip from 38 studios! Will we see it rise again as a remaster or a full reboot!?


After many, many years of entertaining gamers around the world and being one of the most memorable consoles in history, it is with heavy heart that Sony announced they are stopping services for the Ps2 in Japan.

Aaand Its Gone!

A very special Pokemon Switch bundled was announced.. and we all know exactly how this is going to go. Completely sold out everywhere! It’s gonna sell like hot cakes! Nintendo is absolutely killing it with their limited edition consoles.

Back Again Are Ye?

It’s time to delve back in the world of Warhammer: Vermintide II and delve into the Borge.. Bohgnhaf… Bogenhafen? DLC on Xbox One. Really guys?

A New Dimension For Kingdom Hearts

To everyones surprise, Kingdom Hearts is getting the PSVR treatment! That is to say, it’s a built Kingdom Hearts experience for the PSVR. Lots of fans are going to enjoy this, wield the keyblade and fight your enemies in Kingdom Hearts!

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