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Weekly Recap – July 29th – Aug 4th

Star Trek, Milestones, Crackdown 3 And More!

This past week has been crammed full of information of all types, from gaming to movies/TV shows here are the top hits on TiCgamesnetwork.com that made the cut! Playground Games, Spyro, Star Trek (Yes, really) and more all for your viewing pleasure!

Weekly News Round-Up May 27th - June 2nd

Big Names Join Playground Games

Playground games has been hiring some very talented people to join their team! It’s been very intriguing to see all of this very high end talent join this studio, especially when we still don’t really know what they are working on!


WWI Enhanced

Crisp, clear, and chaotic. Battlefield 1 finally gets it’s much needed and awaited Xbox One X enhancements. So dive in and fight for your side in the best looking console version there is!

5 Million Pirates!

Sea of Thieves hit a huge milestone of 5 million players! With each new content update and timed event, more and more players have joined the Sea of Thieves.

Up-Roar Over Spyro

Sypro Reignited Trilogy has caused a ruckus mong some gamers, specifically more so with physical game library collectors. Is this really a big deal, or should all three games be put onto disc?

Polish It Till It Shines!

Lots of people have been speculating that Crackdown 3 was going to end up being cancelled but to everyone’s surprise it is “basically done” and is going through a heavy polishing for refinement!

Xbox One JRPG Exclusive?

A new Xbox One exclusive is coming, and to much suprise it is a JRPG! Looks like all those trips to Japan are finally paying off! Could this help grow the market in the PlayStation homeland?

Maximum Warp!

Alright trekkies, Jean-Luc Picard is back! Patrick Stewart stars in the new upcoming Star Trek series on CBS!


This wraps up the Weekly Recap for July 29th – Aug 4th! Keep your eyes on TiCgamesnetwork.com every weekend for these articles, as well as the site in general for all the best in gaming news, reviews, opinion pieces and more!

Jared E.
Jared E.http://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Hey there everyone! I'm just a prairie dog Canadian that loves to game! I have been heavily interested in tech and games (more so the games part). To this day, i just can't get enough!

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