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Weekend Warrior- Schooling My Daughter in Retro Gaming Part 1

This weekend I had the time to teach my daughter some of the finer things in life. Playing the older games from our youth that have made us the gamers we are today. I actually played a relativelynew game called Pac-Man 256 for the Xbox One. It still features some of the classic gameplay with a new twist. So lets jump right into this Weekend Warrior.

I started out playing the game on Saturday because I had no time to play Friday after work. I made it to over 5000 points in one playthrough ( Not a huge amount) and that is when we started the fun. From that moment I took the time to explain to my daughter how the game works. As many 9 year-olds do she ignored me and started playing. It just didn’t end well for her. The scores she made never reached over 500 points.

Finally after about an hour of switching off I could tell she was getting mad. That was the point when she stopped caring about looking at the cute levels and wanted nothing more than my head on a spike. I never fully got to explain the game to her. She never wanted my help, I loved the fact she wanted to learn on her own. Needless to say she went home to her mother’s in competitive spirit, ready to challenge me again. I love to see her so excited to play the older games. Some of the¬†next games we will tackle together include the classic¬†Dig Dug and Galaga.

Let us know how you feel about the Weekend Warrior in the comment section below. This weeks article is extremely short when compared to past articles. I really only had time to play a little on Saturday. Maybe next time I will get some more games played. If your interested in some of the games I play in this article click the links below to check the out.

Weekend Warrior Games

Pac-Man 256

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