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Weekend Warrior- Fathers Day Edition

Fathers Day is a special day for a lot of gamers as it is the day to honor the one person that may have bought us our first gaming console or PC. For me my dad and I have been playing video games together since the Atari 2800. The competition has also been going on that long as well.

My first real experience playing a game with Loel (my dad) was Boxing on the Atari 2600. He would constantly beat me to the point I would practice all the time. The frustration of being a six year old and always losing was just to much at times. I always tried to be faster then him and with those joystick controllers I could almost beat him. Ever since those first few moments with that boxing game I have never beat him in any current boxing title. It is the one game that I just can’t do well in against him. Now if it’s Madden or a little Call of Duty he doesn’t have a chance against me. Now┬áI have the opportunity to play games with my daughter. I’m starting her off small with Minecraft and in a few years I hope to get her into some of the games I played at her age like Quake, DOOM, and Warcraft. The hope to make her a nerd like me is something I’m excited for. It is an opportunity my father took full advantage of when I was younger.

My dad has been so supportive of me breaking into writing that I never would of had the confidence to actually start my own blog three years ago. Usually in the Weekend Warrior we talk about our time with some current game and that experience we had with it. This article I just wanted to share a gaming moment from my past and to ask the same of all of you.

So let us know some of those gaming experiences ever in the comment section below and I hope you all have a great day.

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