Weekend Warrior – An Imp From Doom Beat Me

This past weekend was a long one in the States, our Memorial Day weekend to all the fallen in the past. Usually it is full of parties at the lake and all the hamburgers you can eat. This year was a first for me. It was the first time I had my own house to enjoy the free time in. I stayed home and did some yard work (BLAH) and  did get some gaming in. Doom. Doom. Doom.

Doom was my choice for the most part. It was intensely fun even when I ran out of ammo in the middle of a boss fight. Those times I died led to moments of clarity that I can only hope I reach again in this life. For a few seconds after a Imp ( yes, I did say Imp) hit me with a fireball in the back I thought that all the anger I usually felt would just stay away. It was at the moment I witnessed that damn Imp jump over my dead Marine that I felt the fire of Hell swell inside me. From that moment on I went for those pesky kids first. It didn’t matter the size of the other demons around me. Those Imps had to die first.

I did jump into multiplayer. It basically was this video every match.

This epic battle continued for about an hour until I just got to frustrated with my progress in the game. I thought I might try something different- a game that I thought was only going to take fifteen minutes of my time. Tropaco 5 was one of the PS Plus games for May and I did download it. It had been years since I played the original on PC. It apparently wasn’t long enough since I easily fell back in love with this one. It is a phrase I thought I would never utter in my life. The sickened feeling slowly creeps up my stomach as I type this.

In Tropico 5 I started my island off small with only 75 people. I did have unlimited funds since I was playing in the sandbox mode so I built everything I could until I realized that not one building was being built ( I skipped the tutorial). It took me a few minutes to even notice the play button on the bottom my the map. My game was still paused as I built up my city’s. I’m slowly realizing I may need to pay attention more at the start of a game.

This weekend wasn’t really a gaming weekend for me. I played when I had a chance in-between two kids birthday parties and countless people hanging out at my home. One highlight I must share is my cousin; she’s a lovely women that just doesn’t understand some things. The outside back door leads to a bathroom and the door was locked. As we all where outside talking, my cousin looks over at a group of us and asks if we unlock the door from the inside with it open. Yes, she’s a nurse who takes care or patients at a hospital.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and you all noticed some of the insane rumors flying around the website. As always, thanks you for taking the time to read the Weekend Warrior.

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