Weather Child: Weathering With You

Weather Child: Weathering With You Debuts First Trailer

The Director of Your Name, Makoto Shinkai, brings fans a new anime film Weather Child: Weathering With You. The film has received it’s first full-length trailer that you can see below. Before we get to the trailer let’s discuss the plot of film.

The story follows Hodaka a high school student that leaves his home from on isolated island to move to Tokyo. Hodaka has no money and must find work. He eventually finds a job as a writer for a slued occult magazine. After he starts the job it rains day after day. One day on a bus Hodaka meets a young woman by the name of Hina. Come to find out that Hina has a special power, the power to stop the rain.

Weather Child: Weathering With You will debut in Japan on July 19th and is set to have a worldwide release. Ae you interested in seeing the film? Let us know in the comment section below. Also tell us your thoughts on the trailer.

Source: The Child of the Weather official site

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