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Watch the “So Happy Together” Borderlands 3 trailer

All of you Vault Hunters out there will be happy to know that the fine folks over at Gearbox have blessed us with an all new Borderlands 3 trailer and it is filled with the cheesiness you would expect from a Borderlands game. You can watch it for yourself below:

The trailer shows us the game’s four playable Vault Hunters. There is the Siren, Amara and FL4K who has the role of Hunter. We also have Moze; she is the Gunner in the game. Finally, there is Zane, the Operative. The opening of the trailer features the lovable Claptrap frolicing amid flowers in front of a loot crate. After the crate opens we are treated to a scene with the four Vault Hunters in a miniaturized display of Pandora. The four Vault Hunters merrily slay bandits, psychos and other unsavory denizens from the Borderlands universe. It is cheesy. It is ridiculous. And it is insanely awesome.

Borderlands 3 will be released for Xbox One, PS4 and on PC via Epic Games Store on September 13th. It will also be on Google’s upcoming Stadia platform in November. Steam users will have to wait until next year to play the game.

What do you think of the new Borderlands 3 trailer? Will you pick up the game when it comes out. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
Writer. Photographer. I leveraged a business degree to play video games. My opinions are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of The Inner Circle (but they should). DMs on my Twitter are open.

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