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Watch the Fire Emblem: Three Houses launch trailer

Nintendo Switch owners can finally get their hands on Fire Emblem: Three Houses – the newest entry in Nintendo’s tactical RPG series. In order to celebrate the launch, Nintendo has released an all new trailer for the game. Well, several trailers if you want to be specific. Check out the first trailer below:

It would not be a Fire Emblem game without a large cast of characters and there is no shortage of them this time around. In fact, Fire Emblem: Three Houses sports new character designs created by famed artist Chinatsu Kurahana. If that name rings a bell, it may be from her work on the Uta no Prince Sama series.

You can look forward to features that are entirely new to the Fire Emblem franchise. There is a School system which will let you customize characters into any class you like. There is also a Calendar system with twelve complete months that allow events to be tied to specific times such as character birthdays or holidays.

As with all retail Switch games, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available as a physical copy or you can buy it digitally on the Nintendo eShop. The game works with your Fire Emblem amiibos to unlock music tracks and drop useful items. If all of that is not enough for you then there will also be an expansion pack full of new costumes, items and maps.

You can watch the rest of the launch trailers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses below:

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